It's About to Be On...And Poppin

Clearly, there is  no rest for the weary, and this weekend is shaping up to be a busy one indeed.  After reviewing my meeting calendar for next week AND my pr/event schedule for all of my clients, I have quite a bit of preparation to do, especially since we were able to pick up a new client today (yay!, official announcement coming later).  This is not including my Amped work (lots on the table with that, great stuff that we will get to announce soon).  Click here to read all about our 1 year anniversary! Also, check out our Paper Icon program, you can donate at the register at some of our participating retailers...great way to give back and support local business.  I'm all about win-win situations.  

So yeah, there is a lot on the plate for the weekend.  I have a JSW team meeting @ 9 a.m.  Summer Jazz at Tutto Mondo at 5 p.m. And a baby shower to attend in between at 3 p.m., lol.  Talk about over scheduling your life:-).  However, at the end of the day...I LOVE what I do.  All of the madness, the prep, the excitment, the networking, the drama, all of it.  At least I know I can handle it, and that is in itself, a blessing. 

Peace & Blessings

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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