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I was cleaning out some old files, and I found this list of "25 Things About Me" that I posted on FB a long time ago...so, since this seems to answer quite a few common questions, I decided to dust it off, update and blog about it.  Why not?  Enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

25. I’m a PK…my mother was called into the ministry late in life, approximately eight or nine years ago, so in effect, I’m now a preacher’s daughter…

24. I taught children’s Sunday school for about two years…those kids drove me crazy, but it was fun.

23. I am almost always surrounded by guys. Some of my closest friends (except for Khendra, see number 22) are all male…my former business partners were all male…my college roommates senior year were male.

22. Considering I am always surrounded by guys, it is surprising that I have had the same best friend since I was 15 years old. Hi Khendra (she refuses to get on social media).

21. I have been a vegan my entire life. Never had meat, poultry or dairy.

20. I have always had natural hair; I’ve had locs my entire life.

19. If I had the choice between reading a good book and watching a good movie, I will always choose to read.

18. I have at least 300 books in my house—all genres. Yes, I have a small library. I need more bookshelves, lots more.

17. I’ve always been very liberal in my dating practices…My boyfriend from high school was half Italian/half Mexican (and way too short for me, but I loved my Paul); My boyfriend of 4 years in college was Asian American (Chris was 6 ft tall, so I could wear heels, lol)…i.e. I’m open.

16. I LOVE Musicals. My favorites are Grease, RENT, Jesus Christ Superstar, Into the Woods…

15. I’m also in love with those stupid 80’s movies…I will drop everything and watch Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Pretty In Pink, etc. Even though it is technically a 90’s movie, I will watch Dirty Dancing as often as I can. I know every scene, and yes, every dance move.

14. I can and will recite lines from Color Purple and Harlem Nights to amuse and entertain myself.

13. I used to dance in high school. I miss those days.

12. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was in 4th grade. I’ve also been writing poetry since I was six years old.

11. I’ve had a varied education…I’ve had private tutors, I attended a private 7th Day Adventist elementary/middle school that had less 50 students in all grade levels, I went to a school operated by the Nation of Islam, I skipped Kindergarten because I was reading by age 3 or 4 so there was no need to go, I was home-schooled for a year; I attended a private, all girls Episcopalian college prep school, I went to Northwestern University for undergrad…and then did my Masters online through University of Phoenix (just because I was bored, lol)…

10. I’m stubborn…that’s all.

9. Extremely loyal to my friends, but once I'm crossed and that trust is broken, I will love you from a far, but your pass to my inner circle is forever revoked. That doesn’t apply to family…if you are my blood, you are my blood.

8. I lost my father to cancer four years. I’m still grieving, but each year is better than the last.

7. I’ve been to more funeral than weddings in my life. I’d like that to change very soon.

6. I’m my mother’s only child, but I have three sisters, three brothers, 1 step brother and three nephews. I’m the oldest girl.

5. I’m a native Charlottean.

4. I’m considered an honorary “Brooklynite” from my BK people…they won’t tell me why.

3. I wear 5 inch heels almost everyday. I own two pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of ballet flats…and that’s it.

2. I love dressing up…and I prefer wearing skirts and dresses, even in winter.

1. I want to be independently wealthy for the following reasons:

-I want my mother to stop working

-I want to help fund my mother's ministry.

-I want a live in personal assistant, make up artist and chef.

-I want a Driver…if I could avoid having to drive myself anywhere ever again, I would be one happy camper.

What are your 25 things?

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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