I'm A Grown Up...

During Bday Celebration #1 (4/24)
This past Friday (April 26) I turned 37...yeah, let that sink in (three whole years from the big 4-0).  I'm officially in my late thirties and I must say, I'm loving it.  It feels really good to be a grown up, well, it feels really good to be a happy, well-adjusted grown up.  

Positive thinking and the Grace of God is a powerful healer. Despite how it looked on the outside, a few years ago, I was battling all kinds of demons: bad relationships, horrible decision-making, low self-esteem and a lack of faith.  But I tell you, once I was honest with myself, let go of everything and everyone that wasn't good for me, I was released from all of those chains.  I left it all on the altar---hurt, pain, disappointment and I let true Joy in.  Best decision ever.  

Enjoying Chuck's pre-bday celebration in Charlotte (4/14)
I am in such a great place. Spiritually, I'm getting better everyday.  Emotionally, I am happy beyond belief.  Professionally, everything is falling into place.  Personally, I'm in love, I have great friends and an impeccable team surrounding me.  God is not through with me yet.  This is only the beginning, and I'm trusting in Christ to see me through.  I'm all in now, and I'm not turning back.  

Life is good.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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