Is Urban a Dirty Word?

I am in a weird mood this evening. I am feeling a bit let down by the total disregard for professionalism that I have experienced within the last few days. I really, really hate to say this, but there is such a difference in what is considered “acceptable” behavior within the urban modeling community that would never be tolerated anywhere else in the industry. How sad is it that there is an entire new breed of models who really and truly believe that filling their book (portfolio for non industry heads) with mostly King and Black Men’s Mag style images is going to get them “to the next level.” My goodness if you are going to shoot those types of images, at least make sure that it is with a photographer that is worth your time…not some GWC (guy with a camera) that only wants to get some image of you bent over in a thong that’ll eventually end up in some chat room, forum or better yet on a club flyer. And of course the model signed all rights to that image in a poorly written model release. He makes money…and you get exploited…and you let him do it.

This industry is not a game people, it’s a business. Models need to start taking responsibility for their own destiny and start learning about marketing, promotions and accounting…yup, I said accounting. You better know unequivocally where your money is going once you make it. I guarantee that so-called manager got paid when you hosted that event, showed up for that bogus magazine shoot or shot for that “hot” calendar coming out, but I am sure you were barely able to get enough to cover bus fare and lunch at Mickey D’s… Don’t fall for the lines ladies…find a manager/agent that is reputable and whom you can trust. Not everyone you meet is out there for your best interests.

Also, I can’t stress this enough…A MODEL IS ALWAYS ON TIME. Do not show up at a shoot late. I was 5 minutes late to a shoot that I was taking one of my models to this past weekend, and I was fit to be tied…and everyone else just strolled at minimum 30 minutes late, all nonchalant, like it was no big deal. In most circumstances, when people are late, that costs money, some serious cash. Studio rental, photographer being paid by the hour, make artists, stylists, and the list goes on. You create shoot schedules for a reason…Models who have no-showed and been late for any SOTAC assignments have never been used again. It sounds cold, but you better have written documentation for me to trust you enough to even talk to you again. That’s on the real…

I never talk about the modeling industry at length in one of these blogs so I decided tonight was the night…Ah well, in the end, you can’t teach elegance, class or respect…those are things you must cultivate on your own. I am only one woman, but I am on a mission to bring back some class to the urban modeling scene, anybody want to join the revolution. Does urban have to equal degradation?

On an unrelated note, SOTAC’s two-year anniversary is Friday, and I am so excited. I just wish that my New York fam could be there for the event (esp. since ¼ of my staff is currently in NYC)…but I know y’all will be sending positive thoughts my way.

As always, thank you for reading my blogs and making me feel special. I write because I have to get this stuff out of my head…and I’m just pleased that I have a platform to rid myself of my literary mayhem so that I can clear my mind.


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