Mail Order Pills

Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that people can order pain killers online, with or without a perscription. For instance, I was randoming searching along the good ole' internet (as I often do), and I found a site selling Fioricet . I mean I understand the convenience of the web and all--but c'mon, there are still things that ought to be done in, not over the phone or via a pc. Maybe I'm making too much of this, but I think this is where some people with addictive personalities get it twisted, start down a path that can only lead to destruction in most cases. I know people who have popped pills (lot of those crazy girls I went to school with of course), who have done all kinds of harm to themselves just because they decided to self-medicate instead of doing other things (prayer, therapy, meditation, etc) to ease whatever pain and challenges evident in their life.

Wow I really went on a wild tangent, and I still gotta finish researching for this article.


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