Rest & Relaxation…On The Green

What a great weekend. Although it was pretty much a working weekend (when is it not, lol), I had a great time. I spent all Saturday morning on the golf course…Talk about feeling like a grown woman. I can honestly say that I felt like a mature adult doing something absolutely fabulous. I even had on my cute golfing gear (I mean, c’mon, if you are going to play golf at somewhere like the Birkdale Golf Club, you may as well look the part). The main reason we decided to play golf this past weekend was because SOTAC sponsored the “Ladies on the Green” Golf Clinic, presented by SBB, a support group for women business owners and entrepreneurs. We even had a few teen girls from the Girl Talk Foundation join us, which provided us all with an opportunity to be inspired by some incredible young women, who are looking to do great things with their life. Again, I say, their stories were inspirational. Girl Talk Foundation provides a phenomenal service, so please support them.

Sunday was quite cool as well. My friend Keir stopped through on his way back to DC from Atlanta (he was celebrating his b-day) to check a sista out and see the new house (well my house isn’t exactly new anymore, but I think you know what I mean). I have known Keir since we were both in high school, and I hadn’t seen him since the fall DC trip, so we were well overdue for a visit.

And as usual, I had a fabulous time hosting More Than…Sex alongside my fearless co-host, Curtis Hevi. Those Sunday night shows always put me in an excellent mood for the remainder of the week. Having the talk show has proved to be a much needed creative outlet…it’s like blogging, only it has more instant gratification.

So all in all…a great weekend.


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