Sometimes You Can't Use The Force

No matter how hard you try…you cannot make someone love you. You cannot order someone to make you a priority in his/her world. And that is just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Something must be in the air lately because for whatever reason, my various suitors are coming out of the woodwork and letting their noble (and some not so noble) intentions known. All except one notable exception of course, he on the contrary, made it oh so evident where I fall on his list of priorities…right under work and no where near “significant other” status.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’ve had this conversation before, but guess what, it’s my blog and I can vent, scream, lament and even laugh if I want to—Although my thoughts are out there for public consumption, that doesn’t actually mean I want or/need your advice and/or veiled condescension masquerading as genuine concern (clearly that last statement doesn’t apply to all my readers, just wanted the ones who like to criticize my choices, seemingly out of love, I want you to know that I’m hip to your game, lol).

Just some random thoughts for your consumption …


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